Cereals Live 2020

This Video was produced for the Cereals Live online event to give an overview of some of the new equipment we offer from the Farmet and Brock ranges. Click on the 'Chapters' on the bottom right corner to jump to each featured machine if you wish.

Philip Westrope, Westrope Farming Limited.
2 months agoJuly 15, 2020
The video is a efficient way of showing your products to your clients, 
Instead of taking most of the day to view your machines it takes just a fraction of the time, the photography was excellent and showed the various machines and their method of working and the results that could be achieved.
Possibly the most interesting point of the promotional video was the opportunity to see different machines working in different soil conditions, at cereals or an open day generally the soil is of similar moisture and as such the ability to imagine how each could / would work in either dry or wet soils would only be “guess work” 
However a little more volume would be useful for people like myself as well as a microphone that didn’t pick up quite so much wind noise, 
Overall excellent way to showcase your kit,
Kind regards,
Philip Westrope
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